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Medical physics

Dr Michele Stasi
Telephone: 011.993.3709
Fax: 011.993.3752

Location: ground floor

Physicist Directors
Dr. Bresciani Sara, Dr. Bracco Christian, Dr. Di Dia Amalia, Dr. Maggio Angelo,Dr. Miranti Anna

Technical Coordinator
Davide Di Spirito

Administrative Staff
Rossana Costantini

The Directorate of Medical Physics supports all healthcare activities which involve the use of  ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in order that the centre may provide patients with efficient and effective care in compliance with the national and international regulations in terms of safety and radioprotection.

The Directorate of Medical Physics collaborates with the Radiology, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine departments, optimizing diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, and with interdisciplinary cooperation with professionals from various branches in order to optimize the services provided in the area of high technology.

The procedures performed by Medical Physics are:

  • checks and controls of quality in all equipment in use in the Directorate of Radiotherapy (linear accelerator, Tomotherapy), Nuclear Medicine (Gamma Chamber, PET, calibrators) and Radiodiagnostics ( traditional radiology, mammography, ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance, Computerized Tomography, angiography)
  • drawing-up of  treatment plans for patients undergoing a radiotherapy treatment by means of advanced techniques of irradiation (IMRT, VMAT, Tomotherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery)
  • checking of  radiotherapy treatment plans by means of independent software and in vivo dosimetry
  • checking of the dose administered during the treatments in real time, on the special volumetric modulated-intensity techniques (VMAT) and Tomotherapy, on each patient and for each session
  • implementation of treatment plans for surface hyperthermia and quality controls on the apparatus
  • implementation of treatment plans for brachytherapy
  • optimization and implementation of 4D CT techniques by means of a system of respiratory gating
  • optimization protocols for nuclear medicine and radiology procedures and assessment of doses for patients
  • radioprotection of  patients
  • assessment and calculation of the dose to the fetus and to the uterus in pregnant patients
  • management of the registration and communication of exposure to radiation for all patients undergoing radiodiagnostic and nuclear medicine tests (art. 58 European Euratom Directive 59/2013)
  • checking of the Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRL) in order to optimize the protection of  patients preventing them from being needlessly subjected to high doses (ex dal D. Lgs 187/2000)
  • advanced and quantitative imaging studies in Magnetic Resonance
  • risk assessment  and safety management of activities involving ionizing radiation, magnetic resonance and laser sources
  • radioprotection of  workers and of the population
  • personal and environmental monitoring and surveillance in activities using ionizing radiation;
  • monitoring and surveillance in the disposal of solid radioactive waste products
  • clinical research activities applied particularly to dosimetry, radiotherapy and to imaging.


Opened in 1997, the Candiolo Institute is an international reference centre for the treatment and research of cancer diseases.