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Anaesthesia, intensive care and antalgic therapy

Dr Francesco Bona

Telephone: 011.993.3426 / 3490
Fax: 011.993.3880

Location: Admissions 4th floor; Out-patient department 1st floor

Nursing Coordinator
Paolo Morgana
Tel. 011.993.3031


  • pain therapy in cancer patients;
  • anaesthetic approach to the surgery patient;
  • treatment of  post-surgery pain;
  • resuscitation assistance.

Access hours: 8-16 from Monday to Friday.
On-call availability guaranteed 24hr/24hr by the duty anaesthetist, tel: 011.993.3056

Dr Elisa Baricocchi, Dr Massimo Battistella, Dr Maria Enrica Cruto, Dr Maria Vittoria Falciai, Dr Antonello Iacobellis, Dr Nora Moselli, Dr Elena Sardo, Dr Maurizio Savojardo, Dr Luisa Suita, Dr Tiziana Bersano, Dr Gabriella Massano, Dr Mario D'Angelo, Dr Stefano Casalino, Dr Antonino Bodanza, Dr Marcello Toscano, Professor Augusto Tempia, Dr Claudio Aseglio Gianinet, Dr Sonia Chioni, Dr Carlo Parodi, Dr Luigi Spagnolo, Dr Sergio Guasso, Dr Andrea Sassi, Dr Danae Ronco, Dr Andrea Dante Gioia, Dr Davide Ventre.

Tel. Duty anaesthetist: 011.993.3056


Opened in 1997, the Candiolo Institute is an international reference centre for the treatment and research of cancer diseases.