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Job Opportunities


The Candiolo Cancer Institute is a private non-profit institution operated by the Fondazione del Piemonte per l’Oncologia (FPO) and endorsed by the Italian Ministry of Health as an IRCCS (Institute for Scientific Research and Care) for its scientific activity.  The Institute is situated in a spacious green-field site just outside Torino in north-western Italy at the foot of the Alps. Torino is the main city of the Piedmont region and is a center for culture and technological innovation. In addition, Torino has the greatest number of green areas and park-land in Italy. Torino is pleasant to live in and is suitable for families with small children. The Alpine ski slopes and the seaside are both less than two hours away.

The Candiolo Cancer Institute (FPO-IRCCS) is a modern 56.000-square-meters institute and combines a strong commitment to personalized patient care with the research and clinical strengths of a highly regarded medical center. FPO-IRCCS is increasingly recognized for its multidisciplinary disease-specific teams and expertise and the extent of its treatment, diagnostic and support services.

FPO-IRCCS is seeking outstanding candidates to fill positions in medical clinical research. In addition to being active clinically, these positions have responsibility for leading the research and clinical priorities of the clinical oncology disease program. Of particular importance is experience in participating as an investigator, leading the clinical/translational research team and building strong cooperation across disciplines.

The candidate will work with a multidisciplinary group of investigators at FPO-IRCCS and develop dynamic research collaborations aimed at having a local, national and international impact on cancer diagnosis and treatment.

We are recruiting the following physicians with a preference for those who have a minimum of three years’ experience in the respective disciplines below



  • Director of Clinical Research program: Lung Cancer

  • Director of Clinical Research program: Gastrointestinal Cancer

  • Director of Clinical Research program: Genitourinary Cancer

Job description

These three distinct leaders will be MD or MD/PhD with strong expertise in the care of (i) pulmonary, (ii) GI or (iii) genitourinary malignancies. Each of them will lead an active program of independent and collaborative research related to the specific malignancy and pertinent to the Institute‘s mission.  In addition to developing the research program, these positions will also develop and lead the lung, the GI or the genitourinary clinical cancer program alongside other FPO-IRCCS program-specific members, including leaders in Surgery and Radiation Oncology. Experience in the design of clinical studies is required. Each leader will be responsible for an independent experimental lab devoted to translational research in the specific field. Speaking Italian is desirable, but not limiting. An Italian language assistant will be available for those who are not native speakers.

Contract conditions

3 years full time contract renewable for 2 years
Minimum wage of 70,000€/year plus 20,000€ bonus/year and 500,000€/year for 3 years for research activities.
Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. All application materials, including CV, a letter of interest and three letters of reference should be submitted electronically to:



" Il ruolo del danno al DNA nel regolare la risposta e la resistenza alla chemioterapia nei tumori colorettali "
Data Pubblicazione Web 17.10.2019


    Bandi Conclusi

    "Insights into the evolving heterogeneity of metastatic colorectal cancer: from mechanismsto therapies"
    Data Pubblicazione Web 24.05.2019


    "Studio dell’eterogeneità tumorale nei tumori con sede primaria sconosciuta (CUP)"
    Data Pubblicazione Web 23.05.2019


    "Studi di correlazione tra dati multimolecolari e risposte farmacologiche in xenopazienti: una strada per predire le risposte a diversi regimi chemioterapici nei tumori del colon metastatici"
    Data Pubblicazione Web 23.05.2019


    "Immunogenicità radio-indotta nel carcinoma del retto"
    Data Pubblicazione Web 5.04.2019

    "Studio del ruolo della proteina liprina alpha1 nella regolazione della secrezione dell'apparato di Golgi da parte dei siti di adesione cellula-matrice"
    Data Pubblicazione Web 28.02.2019

    "Implementazione di una piattaforma di PDX gastrici"
    Data Pubblicazione Web 28.02.2019

    "Systematic assessment of stromal contribution to colorectal cancer progression and response to treatment"
    Data Pubblicazione Web 28.02.2019

    "Individuazione di biomarcatori di risposta alle terapie targeted nel carcinoma gastrico"


    "Insight into the evolvin heterogeneity of metastatic colorectal cancer: from mechanisms to therapies"


    "Valutazione funzionale del ruolo di semaforine e loro recettori in cellule di tumori metastatici a primario ignoto"

    "Valutazione del recettore per EGF come bersaglio molecolare nel carcinoma gastrico"

    "TRANSLATE - Restore immune competence against cancer cells in metastatic cancers resistance to standard treatment"

    “Biospecimen storage ad vitam"

    “Messa a punto e valutazione di procedure per la conservazione dei tessuti, idonee all'analisi di acidi nucleici su singole cellule"

    “Identification of predictive biomarkers of response to trabectedin and PARP1 inhibition”

    “Generations of organoids from CUP Patient samples”

    “Studio sul ruolo della segnalazione di Semaforine e Plexine alla base del fonotipo ipermetastatico”

    “Generazione e caratterizzazione di organoidi da tumori colorettali come piattaforma di discovery e validazione di nuovi bersagli terapeutici”

    Studio dell'evoluzione di cloni resistenti alle nuove terapie del cancro del colonretto - studio genetico ed epigenetico dell'eterogeneità intratumorale

    Studio e verifica di metodi di arricchimento dell'allele mutato per il rilevamento di varianti genetiche nel DNA tumorale circolante

    Implementazione di una piattaforma di PDX gastrici

    Caratterizzazione delle vie di selezione attivate dai recettori adesivi accoppiate a proteine G nelle cellule endoteliali tumorali

    Implementing genetic-driver precision medicine in metastatic colorectal cancer

    Biobanking and biospecimen storage in research programs



    Opened in 1997, the Candiolo Institute is an international reference centre for the treatment and research of cancer diseases.