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Anatomical pathology

Professor Anna Sapino
Telephone: 011.993.3472
Fax: 011.993.3480

Location:1st floor

Doctors Anatomo Patologi
Dr. Alberto Pisacane, Dr. Davide Balmativola, Dr. Elena Maldi, Dr. Caterina Marchiò

Dr. Laura Casorzo (specialist in Medical Genetics), Dr. Ivana Sarotto (specialist in Clinical Pathology), Dr. Tiziana Venesio (specialist in Medical Genetics)

Technicians of the Biomedical Laboratory
Paolo Ferrero, Rosalba Gioia, Simona Grampastore, Sara Marino, Katia Pollato, Lia Tucci, Cristina Zecchillo

Staff on contract
Dr. Carmine Dell’Aglio: Biotechnologist (specialist in Clinical Biochemistry), Dr. Umberto Miglio: Biotechnologist (Doctorate in Molecular Medicine), Dr. Elena Frangipane: Biologist


  • Histology and Cytology
  • Histological diagnostics on tissues or organs removed surgically or by means of biopsy, or by tru-cut  needle biopsy (under clinical or instrumental guidance)
  • Cytological diagnostics of fine-needle aspirates (under clinical or instrumental guidance), effusions, strips, liquor, urine, broncho-aspirate, expectorate and hollow organ brushing
  • Routine intraoperative diagnostics
  • Diagnostic consulting:
  • Complex cases regarding the following pathologies: mammary, cutaneous, soft tissues, head and neck, lung,  genito-urinary system, gastrointestinal tract, onco-haematology and cytology.
  • CUP (Cancer of Unknown Primary): determination of the organ/tissue of origin in the neoplasms of unknown primary
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Immunohistochemical diagnostic investigation and determination of prognostic-predictive markers associated with neoplastic pathology.
  • Classical and molecular cytogenetics

Onco-haematological pathologies: chromosomicanalysis for the research of chromosomic aberrations associated with leukemia/lymphomas and more detailed investigation with the FISH technique.

Solid tumours: FISH in interphase on cytological samples and on histological sections as diagnostic support to classical morphological investigation and to prognostic and predictive significance.

Molecular Biology

Diagnostic-molecular analysis: research into genetic alterations with prognostic-predictive significance; “ molecular identikit” of  tumours for targeted therapy.

Constitutional genetic and molecular analysis: Hereditary polyposis syndromes and screening for Lynch Syndrome

HPV genotyping analysis: HPV-related cervico-vaginal pathologies and of the head-neck area.

Methods of booking and access

At the secretary's office situated on the 1st Floor:

The patient, in possession of the referral, may enter without prior booking from 8.00 to 15.30, from Monday to Friday;


Opened in 1997, the Candiolo Institute is an international reference centre for the treatment and research of cancer diseases.