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GIRT (Interdisciplinary Traslational Research Group)

The Istituto di Candiolo, in the context of the activation of the Diagnostic Therapeutic Healthcare Pathways and of its research activities has designed a new model which brings together the clinical area and those of research and of services. See diagram for the integration model.

It is an innovative management mechanism  which integrates the pathways of the Regional Oncology Network, which has established the management of the Diagnostic-therapeutic pathways through the Reception and Services Centres and the Interdisciplinary Care Groups, with the Area of  translational Research.

The model establishes Interdisciplinary Translational Research Groups (GIRT) which, integrating the various clinical and scientific components, make it possible to manage the approach to research in an effective and functional way. From the moment the lines of research were defined, a need to shift from basic conceptual research to applied clinical research as envisaged by the National Programme for Medical Research was clear to all. This innovation was received very favourably by the researchers who have, for the three-year- period 2018-2020, drafted projects shared on the basis of specific competencies.

The GIRTs will initiate an institutional meeting for the two realities - scientific and clinical - which will enable collaborations on the design of clinical studies based on scientific evidence or – vice versa – which will stimulate experimental studies on the basis of  clinical needs.


Opened in 1997, the Candiolo Institute is an international reference centre for the treatment and research of cancer diseases.