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Dr Fiorenza Enrico
Location: ground floor
Phone: 011.9933261/264/265
Fax: 011.993.3274


Production of sterile and experimental galenicals

  • Preparation in the new laboratory premises dedicated to sterile production (Antiblastic Drugs Unit, Italian acronym UFA) of personalized preparations for patients on medical prescription of: chemotherapy antiblastics, therapies of support and of preparations for pain management (totaling approximately 65,000 preparations per year). All the preparations are produced  with the aid of a completely computerized and automated system ( from prescription, to preparation and administration of the drug). The recognition of the drugs necessary for preparation occurs by means of scanning the barcodes on the packaging of the bottles and each final preparation is validated and recognized and, through its barcode, associated to the right patient. This computerized system  is integrated with a completely automatic ROBOTIC SYSTEM which makes up almost all of the antiblastic chemotherapy preparations (bags, syringes, infusors) maximizing precision, accuracy, programmability and traceability of all final preparations and of their component parts. The robot recognizes all the drugs contained in the preparation and subsequently checks the correctness of the formulations, through successive checks of the weights of what has been made up; in addition, it provides detailed data on the preparations produced in the form of a report.
  • Preparation of sterile experimental drugs and placebos designed for use in clinical trials.


Production of traditional non-sterile galenicals

Preparation in a dedicated area in the new Pharmacy laboratory of excellent Galenic traditional non-sterile formulations on medical prescription (mouthwashes, creams, solutions,…), in accordance with the latest edition of the Official Pharmacopoeia.

Management of drugs and medical devices

Management of supplies to the wards and of stocks of drugs, medication materials, antiseptics, disinfectants and medical devices in the pharmacy stockroom.
Direct distribution to the patients of the courses of oncological and non-oncological drugs for home administration, prescribed on discharge from the ward, or following a specialist consultation. Management and updating of the hospital drugs index and of the handbook of antiseptics and disinfectants. 

Clinical trials

Management of experimental drugs as co-experimenters in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP): reception and management of accounting of drugs according to the protocol, of returns to the sponsor, of monitoring visits and of  Visits at Study Commencement.

Inspection activities

Activities of oversight on the correct management of the drugs (in particular of narcotic drugs) and medical devices in all the departments.


Management of the activity of drug oversight: entering of notifications regarding suspect adverse drug reactions in the AIFA network of drug oversight, and promotion of awareness raising regarding such notification among healthcare workers.
Oversight regarding medical devices (MD): delivery to the Ministry of Health of the incident report forms or/near miss report forms regarding MD.
Promotion of initiatives for the management and control of  risk clinical and error prevention.
Drafting of reports on consumption and expenditure regarding drugs and medical devices .
Management of the AIFA Register of oncological drugs.

Training and awareness activities

Activities regarding training and awareness addressed to all healthcare staff on the proper use, conservation and prescribability  of drugs and medical devices. Collaboration with the University for the development of both undergraduate and graduate theses, as well as of specific projects.


Opened in 1997, the Candiolo Institute is an international reference centre for the treatment and research of cancer diseases.