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Dermatological Surgery

Dr Alessandro Zaccagna
Phone: 011.993.3407
Fax: 011.993.3426

Location: 1° floor

Standard Admissions: 5th floor
Tel: 011.993.3630
Nursing coordinator: Simona Gallizioli
Tel: 011.993.3677
Fax: 011.993.3440
Day Surgery Admissions: 5th floor
Tel:  011.993.3490
Nursing coordinator: Paolo Morgana
Tel: 011.993.3031
Fax: 011.993.3880
Out-patient department: 1st floor
Tel: 011.993.3611 – 011.993.3401/02 (studi medici)
Nursing coordinator: Nadia Declame 
Tel: 011.993.3430
Fax: 011.993.3426


  • dermatological examinations to identify skin cancers;

  • clinical diagnosis, with the aid of a dermatoscope, of the pigmented skin lesions;

  • surgical treatment (out-patient, day surgery and admission) and follow-up of skin tumours;

  • photodynamic therapy and laser surgery of  precancerous skin conditions.

Dr Elena Giacone, Dr Paolo Puiatti, Dr Stefano Pau (plastic surgeon), Dr Federica Marenco, Dr. Tommaso Deboli


Methods of booking and access

  • At the Common Booking Centre on the 1st  Floor:
    • in person (from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 to 17.00);
    • by telephone on 011.9933777 (from Monday to Friday, from 11.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 15.30).


Opened in 1997, the Candiolo Institute is an international reference centre for the treatment and research of cancer diseases.