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Who we are

The Istituto di Candiolo IRCCS is a specialist centre for the treatment of oncological conditions, for a number of which, indeed, it figures as an international benchmark, and is part of the Oncological Network of  Piedmont-Aosta Valley.
It is the first Research Institute of Admission and Care in Piedmont to be recognized  by the Ministry of Health.
For the number of  cases treated and the quality of its clinical profiles, the Institute is recognized for its excellent standards in the following areas:

  • diagnosis and therapy of cancers of the breast and of the ovaries;
  • ​diagnosis and therapy of gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary tumours;
  • diagnosis and therapy of onco-haematological diseases;
  • diagnosis and therapy of sarcomas and rare tumours;
  • diagnosis and therapy of skin cancers;
  • diagnosis and therapy of cervicocephalic (ORL) tumours.

The Institute's specialists have at their disposal new Operating Theatres, isolation rooms with controlled microclimate for immuno-suppressed patients, innovative pharmocological protocols (also in the area of innovative “targeted therapy”), of sophisticated apparatus in the field of medical imaging (Computerized Axial Tomography, Positron Emission Tomography, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Scintigraphy) and of  radiotherapy (the Institute is one of the few European facilities which can boast two Tomotherapy systems).

At the Istituto di Candiolo it is possible to benefit from out-patient care (specialist consultations, diagnostic tests, instrumental surgery):

Multidisciplinary programmes

At the Candiolo Institute there are a number of specialized multidisciplinary programmes for the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases.
The multidisciplinary teams of the Institute make use of specialists with consolidated experience and expertise in: pathological anatomy, pancreatic and colo-rectal hepatobiliary surgery, maxillofacial surgery, oncological surgery, plastic-reconstructive surgery, dermatosurgery, endocrinology, oncological gynecology, nuclear medicine, nutrition , odontostomatology, medical oncology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, psychology, radiodiagnostics, surgical radiology, radiation therapy
Integration of the various competencies makes it possible to tackle the complex problems of oncological diseases, from diagnosis to the planning of therapies to follow-up strategies, to achieving the best clinical results combined with the safeguard of quality of life standards.
It is possible to access the following diagnosis and treatment programmes:

  • Pancreatic and Colorectal Hepatobiliary Surgery Programme
  • Diagnostic and Surgical Digestive Endoscopy Programme
  • Ovarian Carcinoma Programme
  • Sarcomas and Rare Tumours Programme
  • Stem Cell Transplantation Programme


Opened in 1997, the Candiolo Institute is an international reference centre for the treatment and research of cancer diseases.