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The 'Quality Team', which represents each sector of the Institute, in concert with the General Directorate, has reviewed  company organization in the light of the best practices envisaged by ISO standards.


MAGISTRIS Alessandra, FERRERA Maria Rita, BOLLINO Paola, BONA Francesco, BRUNO Michela, BRACCO Christian, CAMPANELLA Delia, CARAVELLI Daniela, CORROPPOLI Alessandro, CROSETTI Erika, DECLAME Nadia, DI SPIRITO Davide, ENRICO Fiorenza, FASOLO Manuela, FERRERO Paolo, FESI Francesco, FOGLIO Federico, GALLIZIOLI Simona, GAROFANO Giuliano, GEUNA Elena, GIACONE Elena, GIULIANI Luigi, GIOVALE Edoardo, GUALTIERI Alfonso, MALDI Elena, MARCHESE Rosella, MARTA Alessandra, MORGANA Paolo, MUSCIO Elisa, PENDUZZU Giovanni, PIAZZOLLA Vincenzo, POLLATO Katia, RACCA Manuela, SAROTTO Ivana, SAVOJARDO Maurizio, TORRISI Patrizia, VALENTI Laura, VIGLIANI Carlo Stefano, ZOLLESI Germana

Quality Rules

ISO 9001:2015

The Institute has received ISO 9001:2015 certification for all company processes.

The commission of experts from the body Bureau Veritas, has certified the quality of all company processes concerning both care and research and has highlighted the following:

  • Strong commitment from top management.
  • Strong orientation towards patient care.
  • Motivation and participation of staff
  • Availability of resources and care in management thereof.
  • Excellent quality of basic, translational and clinical research.


HIMSS Analytics Stage 6 Award

Attaining Stage 6 designation indicates that this hospital has achieved a high degree of clinical automation that is incorporated into the patient care services it delivers

This hospital is able to provide the highest levels of patient safety and quality outcomes for the care it provides to its patients.

Awarded in Riga, May 2015 by HIMSS Europe

Renewed in Candiolo, December 2017 by HIMSS Europe

Jacie-Fact 2013

The Transplant Centre has been accredited as a facility of excellence  by the European/U.S. JACIE-FACT system and  by the National Transplant Centre since July 2013.


Istituto di Candiolo con SMILE IN

Knowing the level of service which we offer our patients is essential.

Through SMILE IN, a Customer Experience service which serves to understand people's real level of satisfaction, you can deliver your opinion through 4 smiles:

Your assessment is important because it helps us to understand how to improve.

We thank you for your participation!

Pink Stamps 2018-2019

The National Observatory  on Women's Health awarded the Candiolo IRCSS, in the course of  2017, two Pink Stamps, in recognition of the commitment and efficiency of the services available for the treatment of female pathologies.


Opened in 1997, the Candiolo Institute is an international reference centre for the treatment and research of cancer diseases.